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Our principles

In the 60 years since its establishment, Porsche Holding has built a remarkable reputation in more than 20 European countries, China and South America. Porsche Inter Auto Romania Srl is a subsidiary in Romania and has 5 workplaces where it carries out its retail activity. Social responsibility and a high ethical standard have made Porsche Inter Auto what it is today: Europe's largest retail network in the automotive sector.

As a company that operates globally, compliance for Porsche Inter Auto means that, in addition to applicable legislation, employees also respect other moral principles that go far beyond the limits set by the rules. These principles are summarized in the company's own rules of conduct (Code of Conduct). They certainly apply at all levels of the company and for all countries where Porsche Holding operates.

Porsche Holding is committed to complying with all national laws and regulations and to act as a responsible business partner and member of our society. This of course includes our firm commitment to the correct principles and policies.

What does Compliance mean?

Compliance means complying with all applicable laws, regulations and internal rules. Compliance defines the legal framework and aims to prevent breaches before they happen.

What does integrity mean?

Integrity means doing the right thing according to your beliefs: acting responsibly towards society, with business partners and as a member of our community. That is why integrity and compliance behavior are not only things our company strives for, but we consider integrity and compliance essential components of our company culture.

code of conduct

Our Reporting System (Our Integrity Reporting System)

Compliance with legal regulations and internal rules as well as the principles of our Code of Conduct and of the Code of Conduct for Business Partners is a top priority for Porsche Inter Auto Romania. Our company's success is built on integrity and compliance. To meet these standards, it is important to identify potential employee or supplier abuse and stop it. Therefore, we entrust the Central Bureau of Investigation to operate an independent, impartial and confidential whistleblowing system on our behalf.

A central pillar of our grievance system is the principle of procedural fairness. It also ensures the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers, involved persons and employees who contribute to the investigation of allegations of wrongdoing.

It also includes the possibility of reporting and anonymous communication. We assure you that we do not take steps to identify anonymous whistleblowers, except where our Integrity Whistleblowing system is abused. Retaliation from whistleblowers and all persons contributing to investigations at Porsche Inter Auto Romania will not be tolerated. The people involved are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Investigations will be conducted with the utmost confidentiality. The information will be processed in an independent, impartial, fast and confidential process.

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How do we process your review?

Qualified and experienced colleagues in the Investigations Office review each report of possible wrongdoing by a Volkswagen Group employee and systematically follow up on it. First, you will receive a receipt for receipt. The investigating office then assesses your report. This includes the collection of data, especially from the whistleblower. Only if this initial assessment gives rise to suspicion of a violation will an investigation be initiated by a dedicated investigative unit. Subsequently, the findings of the investigation will be evaluated by the Investigations Office and appropriate action will be recommended. Information on the status* and outcome of the procedure will be provided to you without undue delay.

Potential violations of the Business Partner Code of Conduct by suppliers, including serious risks and violations of human and environmental rights by direct and indirect suppliers, may also be reported to the Office of Investigations, as well as reports requiring immediate action. The Directorate of Investigation informs the responsible departments, which process the case accordingly. This includes, in particular, taking the necessary measures to minimize or put an end to infringements and/or risks.

* Treatment time varies depending on the subject of the procedure

You can find more information about the procedural principles of our integrity reporting system here. []

Do you have a problem or comment about a Porsche Inter Auto Romania product or service?

If you have questions or requests about products and services, comments or complaints about the services provided by Porsche Inter Auto Romania or our business partners (please contact us Please understand that the Integrity Complaints System is unfortunately unable to process customer complaints.

Submit a report to our integrity reporting system

The complaints system provides multiple channels to report possible misconduct by employees, allowing for a quick review and response from our company if necessary.

However, this does not affect the legal right to contact designated authorities as described below...\Basic Information_RO_PIA.pdf

Telephone line24/7

You can report information 24/7 via the following toll-free international number:

+800 444 46300 *.

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If the local telephone provider does not accept the toll-free service, you can use the following toll-free telephone number:

+49 5361 946300.

* Depending on the country you are calling from, the international toll free number may not be available as some network operators do not support the service. In this case, you must use the provided payment number or the number specific to your country.

Online reporting channel

You have the option of using a web-based communication platform.Secure reporting channel BKMScommunicate with the Bureau of Investigations in multiple languages. This system is confidential and technically secure.

Even if your preferred language is not offered in the reporting channel, you can use any language to submit the report. You can also contact the Bureau of Investigations in any language by email or mail.

External lawyers

The Volkswagen Group appointed external lawyers to act as ombudsmen. They advise on the integrity reporting system or ensure that whistleblower reports are submitted anonymously, if desired, to the Bureau of Investigations.

If you wish to contact the external lawyers, you can find their contact details here:

Email from the Volkswagen Group's central research office

You can contact the Central Investigation Office via the following email

Central Bureau of Investigation

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Mailing address:

Volkswagen AG, Central Research Office

Bod 1717

berliner ring 2

38436 Wolfsburg, Germany

Personal address:

Please make an appointment in advance by sending an email

Do you have further questions or need a local contact?

Address your questions or suggestions for improving the complaints system to the inquiry office.

If you have been interviewed in connection with an inquiry, you, as an independent body, have the opportunity to make your opinion known to the Ombudsman.

In addition, the locally responsible function can also be contacted on all aspects of the Whistleblower system via

The external reporting channel for Romania

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The Government of Romania has defined designated authorities that also accept reports of misconduct as external reporting channels. The external reporting channels are:

National Integrity Agencyas well as the other public entities that, in accordance with the special legal provisions, receive and process complaints regarding legal offenses within the framework of their competence.(see Chapter IV of Act No. 361/2022).

Persons who choose to contact the external channel, the Danish Integrity Agency,to reportbreaking the law, I can do itfairthrough the following ways:

  • Online, on the warning platform (
  • By email to the
  • By phone, on the number 0372.069.869 by selecting the keys1(Select pounds. ENGLISH),0(I agree to record the conversation.),3(The Directorate for Public Interest Whistleblowers). Conversations are automatically recorded.
  • Through postal services at ANI's address at Lascăr Catargiu Boulevard No. 15, Postal Code 010661, Sector 1, Bucharest – Romania –To the Directorate for Public Interest Complaints
  • In person through the presence at the headquarters of ANI (by appointment at the e-mail

the people whoseek adviceConfidential whistleblowers, as well as those seeking retaliation protection assistance, may do so in the following ways:

- By e-mail to the

- By phone, on the number 0372.069.869 by selecting the keys1(Select pounds. ENGLISH),0(I agree to record the conversation.),3(The Directorate for Public Interest Whistleblowers). Conversations are automatically recorded.

- Through postal services at ANI's address at Lascăr Catargiu Boulevard No. 15, Postal Code 010661, Sector 1, Bucharest – Romania –To the Directorate for Public Interest Complaints

- In person through presence at ANI's headquarters (by appointment at the e-mail

In the event that an authority pursuant to Art. 3, point 15, lit. c) in Law No. 361/2022, receives a report on violations of the law and for which the competence to investigate and carry out subsequent actions corresponds to ANI, the redirection is carried out with the preservation of the guarantees of confidentiality and integrity of the email


Information on Porsche Holding's sustainability strategy is available by accessing the followinglink.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

In addition to price and quality, reliability, service sustainability and innovation are our central criteria when selecting business partners and suppliers. For information on the general conditions for a future collaboration, you can download the Code of Conduct for Business Partners atlink.


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