The perfect customer satisfaction survey email invitation template (2023)

Get high response rates for yourcustomer feedback surveyIt starts with asking the respondent to complete your survey by creating an effective customer satisfaction survey email template.

Your email should make people want to start the survey, but it doesn't have to be long and complex.

In fact, it should be short and to the point.

Remember that the sole purpose of the invitation ispersuade the respondent to provide feedback about your organization.

In this post, I'll show you how to write a survey email template for your NPS, customer satisfaction, or customer feedback survey that can generate response rates of 20%, 30%, or more.

The perfect customer feedback email invitation template

  1. 1. A great subject line
  2. 2. Customization of the email invitation
    • name customization
    • personalization of content
    • Log out Personalization
  3. 3. Tell them why they are receiving the invitation
  4. 4. Don't tell them how cool you are.
  5. 5. Explain the purpose of the study
  6. 6. Give a realistic estimate of the time it will take
  7. 7. Give them a place to ask questions.
  8. 8. Show them the survey link
  9. 9. Mention the incentive or not
  10. 10. Create a sense or urgency if appropriate
  11. 11. Integrate the first question to increase the response rate
  12. 12. Yes dem
  13. 13. Include a signature block
  14. 14. Comply with local e-mail sending laws
    • postal address
    • Unsubscribe Requests
  15. 15. Send a reminder
  16. Customer Feedback Email Invitation FAQ

The perfect customer satisfaction survey email invitation template (1)

1. A great subject line

The first thing your invitee will see is the subject line of the email, so get it right.

Here's a checklist of things to consider when writing your subject line:

  1. Don't get too complicated and be honest
  2. Avoid spam words and capital letters
  3. make it about the customer
  4. Be specific, not vague, misleading or "creative"
  5. Subject line length: 4-7 words
  6. The "From" email address must be a person
  7. You probably shouldn't use emojis 😥

For more details, check out this blog post:Email Subject Lines That Maximize Customer Feedback Survey Responses

2. Customization of the email invitation

Remember that your respondent receives many emails every day and a simple personalization can set you apart.

name customization

This is very simple to do, but make sure it aligns with your company's brand identity or brand voice.

"Dear Mr. Smith,"

"Hello John,"

"Hello John,"

"Jo Jonny"

Never use "Dear Valued Customer" - no one who received a message with that introduction felt appreciated; in fact, it often feels exactly the opposite.

personalization of content

If your respondent may have had more than one interaction with you, it may be a good idea to add a comment or reference to the interaction. This increased specificity will improve response rates and feedback relevance.

We can't wait to hear what you think about [product name].

Log out Personalization

Your invitation must always be signed by an appropriate person in the organization. Never send it from an anonymous "Customer Service Center" or similar group.

The simple act of putting a real person's name at the bottom of the emailincrease response rate by 50%.

If you can, take the next step and personalize the invitation to be from someone the invitee knows or knows, e.g. your account manager or regional day-to-day manager.

3. Tell them why they are receiving the invitation

Give the respondent some context for the survey invitation; tell them who is being asked to respond and/or why they have been selected.

Cone-mail-spoofingattacks are constantly increasing, you need to reassure your respondent. It also answers a common concern for email recipients: why am I getting this request?

Here are a few sample templates - you'll need to adapt them to your actual cause:

"You are receiving this invitation because you recently made a purchase on our site."


"We invited you because you are a valued customer."

4. Don't tell them how cool you are.

Some companies add a line near the beginning of a survey email that says something like this:

We are market leaders and offer good service. So we can make it even better...

Resist the urge to do the same. It doesn't increase the chance of the guest replying, it just adds words to the email and skews the start of the responses you will receive.

Try to keep your presentation as neutral as possible.

5. Explain the purpose of the study

Granted, these days most (all?) people will have seen customer feedback or the Net Promoter Score survey, so you don't need to go into detail, but you do need to put purpose in your terms.

Remember: they care much less howofwill benefit from the timeofinvesting in the survey and much more about howofwill benefit.

So be sure to put the purpose and value of the survey in the respondent's terms.

For example:

In order to give you an even better experience, we are collecting feedback on how we performed on our latest engagement.


We actively use feedback to constantly improve our delivery and give you the best possible service.

6. Give a realistic estimate of the time it will take

Shorter is always better when it comes to customer opinion surveys, but regardless of the length of the survey, you must provide a specific and accurate estimate of how long it is likely to take.

Be specific: Say "10 minutes" and not "a short time". Specific tenses are more reliable than vague tenses.

Resist the urge to deliberately understate this time. Respondents who are still answering questions after 20 minutes, when told it will take 10 minutes, will be dissatisfied with your brand and will provide more negative survey results.


"Based on past experience, this survey will take 5 minutes."


"Usually takes 3 minutes to complete."

7. Give them a place to ask questions.

Include some simple contact information in your email invitation. A very small number of people will use them to ask questions.

Many more will be sure they could have contacted you if they wanted to. This gives the invitation credibility and increases the response rate.

This can be as simple as:

If you have any questions, please contact John Smith at[email protected]

8. Show them the survey link

Be sure to include a clear link to the survey and call to action.

Some organizations use an image for the survey link, but many email clients hide images by default. If the image is locked, it will be difficult for respondents to see it.

Please accept this invitation I recently received:

The perfect customer satisfaction survey email invitation template (2)

If you want to use this approach, be sure to provide a simple text link in addition to the image.

Also, make sure the link has a good amount of free space around it so it doesn't get lost in the message: maybe even underline and bold the link to make it stand out.


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Click here to start the survey.

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9. Mention the incentive or not

With a well-written invitation, an engaged audience and aproperly designed customer feedback surveyshould not include an incentive to achieveeffective response rates.

However, it might be a good idea to include one anyway.

Incentives, such as discounts or free products, can be helpful in increasing response rates to customer opinion surveys. But they must be tailored to the individual client to be even more effective.

Effective types of incentives include contests, charitable donations, or social recognition.

Here's a full rundown of the best customer feedback survey incentives:Best Customer Feedback Survey Incentives

10. Create a sense or urgency if appropriate

If your survey has an end date, mention it in the invitation to not only convey a sense of urgency, but also to help the respondent understand your timeline.

Surveys are a "job to be done" by your respondent. Giving them a date by which the work must be completed can improve the response rate.

11. Integrate the first question to increase the response rate

As an extension of showing them the survey link, you canincrease your invitation response rate by 50%if you embed the first survey question in the email itself.

We always use that in oursNSPemail templates for surveys and other customer feedback style surveys.

You should not use images for this question to avoid the problems mentioned earlier in this section. Use HTML color codes instead.

The perfect customer satisfaction survey email invitation template (3)

12. Yes dem

The respondent is doing you a favor by providing feedback, so you should thank them for their efforts. It can be a simple but sincere thank you.

Thank you for providing your comments. We appreciate the time you have taken and will actively use it to improve the services we provide to you.

13. Include a signature block

If you have followed our best practices inSubject lines for survey emailThis survey email invitation is from a real person, so please include the signature block of a real person.

If you are dealing with a large number of respondents, you may want to remove some elements such as mobile/mobile number. Other than that, it should be similar or the same as your default email signature.

This will also ensure that it is "on par" with your organization.

14. Comply with local e-mail sending laws

Email sending laws vary around the world and you must comply with local requirements.

That said, generally* since this is a customer feedback survey, you will have an existing business relationship with the respondent and this bypasses many of the anti-SPAM restrictions that marketing emails face.

However, it is still good practice to comply with your country's marketing email requirements, as email recipients expect these elements in business email.

postal address

You must include clear text explaining where you are and a valid mailing address.

Unsubscribe Requests

It is also good practice to include an opt-out mechanism so that respondents can be removed from the guest list.

15. Send a reminder

Once you've written a good survey invitation, go ahead and set up a reminder to send it 3-5 days after the main invitation.

dispatcha reminder will typically increase the response rate by 50%making it an easy way to generate additional responses with very little extra effort.

You must follow the same rules as already suggested: Don't make it identical, but it can be very similar.

Oh, and don't send more than one or two reminders at most. More of it will annoy respondents and their responses will be more negative.

Customer Feedback Email Invitation FAQ

How do I email a customer feedback survey form?

You do not normally send the survey form itself via email. Email still has limitations and doesn't work like a full web page. The best practice is to email a link to your web-based survey. A goodcustomer feedback companywill be able to handle this for you.

How do I submit a customer feedback survey?

The best way is to interact with your customer in simple language. Ask them for their help and clearly show them the link to your survey. Remember that the survey itself is part ofoverall customer experience.

What do I say in an email when I send a customer feedback survey?

keep it simple The old What, Why, Who and How are a big summary of things individuallyinvitation to customer satisfaction surveyIt should contain.

What information should I include when sending a customer feedback survey invitation?

When you send acustomer feedback surveyinvitation, it is important to include the purpose of the survey, as well as instructions on how to complete it. If applicable, be sure to set a deadline for completing the survey and let the customer know that their input is valuable and appreciated.

What is the best way to encourage customers to complete a feedback survey?

When properly designedThe survey may not even need an incentive.but if you do, there are three approaches: promise an incentive for each answer, enter the respondent into a lottery, or pay a smaller incentive to each guest and rely on the all-important reciprocity drive of the human psyche.

The perfect customer satisfaction survey email invitation template (4)

* Disclaimer: This information is not legal advice. We are not lawyers and although we have been in the client feedback business for some time, you should contact your legal team for their final opinion on the law.


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